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Greetings weary traveler & welcome to my humble cyber abode! I'm stoked to have this platform to share my creations, thoughts, and random stuff with you, all while getting to learn a new skill! I'll be using my cyberstudio to display my photography (Earth gallery), art and graphic designs (Digital Bipolart gallery), videos (Screening Room), and current events in the Take the Power Back section. You'll want to 'Click" on the text headline to get you to the

corresponding section. As my skills (hopefully) improve I will be able to offer you more to do here! I would like to eventually add a guestbook, and possibly a journal where I'll give a guest writer the chance to share their thoughts, dreams, and random musings. In the meantime grab a drink, and hang out in my cyberworld for bit. You can also find me by clicking below @ "The Best Kept Secret On The Internet"...Agora Road. Thanks for dropping in.

Agora Road

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