Dancing African Grey Bird by DigitalBipolart on Sketchfab

Welcome to the 3d Model section, this tree is the first 3d model I made. it may not be much to you but im very proud of it, down below are models by other artists that i think are cool. i played around with models for a year or so before i decided to try to learn modeling. i wish i hadnt waited! try your hand at 3d modeling today!

Nighttime in Littlest Tokyo- 3D Editor Challenge by Haido on Sketchfab

Black Dragon with Idle Animation by 3DHaupt on Sketchfab

Tyrannosaurus Rex by DailyArt on Sketchfab

Ocean Sunfish by NestaEric on Sketchfab

Hulk And Girl Dance1 by Mask on Sketchfab

Bad Girl Morning sketch remake 2022 by Rodesqa on Sketchfab

Real Life Sunbay - Madison Posing by rwblackgames on Sketchfab